Mix 5

Mixed permanent meadow (dry conditions)

Sowing density 20-40 kg/ha% on weightCharacteristics
Dactylis glomerata
Late varieties
Orchardgrass 25% Productivity, persystence, drought resistance
Festuca arundinacea
Late varieties
Tall fescue 30% Productivity, rusticity and persystence, drought resistance
Lolium perenne
Diploid late varieties
Tetraploid medium-late varieties
Perennial ryegrass 17%
Palatability, capacity to cover misses by seeds dissemination, resistance to soil marsh
Phleum pratense Timothy 4% Palatability, persystence, resistance to frost and soil marsh
Poa pratensis Smooth stalked meadow grass 6% Palatability, persystence, capacity to cover misses by rhizomes
Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot trefoil 8% Proteins, rustic & persystence, drought resistance
Trifolium repens
var. giganteum
var. hollandicum
White clover
ladino type
intermediate type
Proteins, digestibility, capacity to cover misses by stolons
Trifolium pratense Red clover 6% Productivity and proteins (in the first two years)