About us

CGS Sementi operates in the seed sector and its main mission is to develop new varieties, mainly cereals (wheats, barley, oat, triticale) and other species (fodder, pulses and soybeans). CGS develops varieties of its own breeding and exclusively acquired by Italian and foreign breeders.

Thanks to the expertise in the market of seeds and supply chains, the deep knowledge of the different cultivation areas and the technical experience, the Company boasts a strong ability to penetrate the seed market.

CGS' precious asset is represented by the intense activity of Research & Development, which in recent years has bred new varieties of durum and common wheats: these innovations have proved able to cover specific market segments, such as durum wheat of high quality and high productivity and common wheat with directly bread-making white kernel.

Recent requests from all transformation sectors, especially "innovative, high-quality Italian products", make CGS an important reference for the organization of production chains able to involve various actors and create wealth and sustainability for the entire cereal sector.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Production Organization named "Italia Cereali per filiere di qualità", CGS can offer its own varieties to farmers through a contract of cultivation in the production chain with the industry, with guarantee of price, payment and premiums for the quality of goods.