CGS Sementi has always been convinced that investing in research is a necessary step to look to the future with greater certainty.
This is why every year the Company intensifies breeding and experimental programs, aiming at:

  • evaluating and characterizing, both in terms of agronomy and quality, the wide range of genetic material available, through multi-location and multi-year trials;
  • identifying the best varieties, suitable to the different agro-climatic conditions and, above all, meeting the needs of the transformation;
  • supporting the farmers thanks to web-support and the best crop techniques advice to achieve quantitative and qualitative yield, also by reducing environmental effects and inputs.

The achievement of Research & Development objectives is also possible thanks to the intense and effective cooperation with several research centers, Italian and not, both public and private.

CGS also actively participates in many projects, in particular in the framework of the Rural Development Program of the Umbria Region:

The main objectives of our wheat breeding program

Durum wheat

  • High quality grains: high test weight, high vitrosity of kernels even after rain
  • High technological quality of the semolina: high protein content, strong gluten, good yellow color
  • High productivity
  • Tolerance to diseases

Common wheat

  • White kernel (for the different quality classes)
  • Good milling and rheological characteristics
  • Stable yield
  • Tolerance to diseases